Online and In-Home Tutoring in Richmond Hill

Online and In-Home Tutoring in Richmond Hill

Bravo! Tutoring provides online and in-home tutoring in Richmond Hill. Our experienced tutors in Richmond Hill can help students in all subjects and grades. 

Our Richmond Hill tutors

At Bravo! Tutoring, our experienced and caring tutors in Richmond Hill will help your child succeed as well as achieving your objectives. You will be kept up to date with detailed lesson reports after each session in addition to regular touch-points every month.

How our Richmond Hill Tutors can help

Our Richmond Hill tutors can help your child by making specialized programs tailored to your child’s individual needs. We can also offer support with assignments and challenges for many subjects. Some of these subjects include French, English, Math and Science from JK – grade 12. 

Our tutors will support your child according to the Ontario Curriculum. Furthermore, we can provide academic enrichment as well as organizational strategies and support. As a result, your child will feel ready and prepared to succeed at school and beyond.

Tutoring in Richmond Hill
Michelle F.

We have been absolutely thrilled with the staff and relationship with Bravo! Communication is priority one. Our tutor has helped my daughter with her confidence in math and her marks have improved significantly. Tutoring with Bravo has made learning new skills during the pandemic that much easier. A huge thanks for all their support. Would highly recommend this business. Worth every penny!

Jennifer J.

The current high school quadmester format has resulted in fast paced teaching which was challenging for my daughter who is in gr 11 and was taking both chemistry and physics in quad 2. We contacted Bravo Tutoring to help and we couldn’t be happier. Right away I was struck by how professional the company is. Communication was amazing including detailed session reports. There is a lot of thought put into matching the student with the right tutor.

Julie J.

My daughter was lacking experience and confidence in French due to the impacts of COVID-19 on her Extended French learning, so I enrolled her in Bravo tutoring once a week. After a few months we can already see great improvement. The excellent tutoring from Bravo is improving both her language skills and her confidence. She always enjoys her sessions and looks forward to them.

Gina P.

Highly recommend Bravo! Tutoring. Such wonderful people to work with and so impressed with the support my daughter received in Grade 10 science (which by the way, she achieved an A as her overall mark).  Connect with them if your child needs a tutor – you won’t be disappointed!

Melissa K.

Bravo! Tutoring has provided French tutoring services to my IB student over the last year. It has significantly improved their confidence and comprehension of French. I highly recommend Bravo! Tutoring.

Doug D.

We have been impressed with Eoghan and the team at Bravo! Tutoring. Have worked with three different tutors and all have been professional, friendly, and very helpful.

Michelle B
Mother of student in grade 10

We are extremely pleased with the Bravo Tutoring team . My daughter has received help with French , English, Math and science over the last couple of years and it has made the world of difference to her confidence . I highly recommend Eoghan and his skilled tutors . Each tutor has been exceptional and professional.

Jacky A
Mother of student getting tutored in grade 10 Math

We are so pleased with the Bravo Tutoring team. High school math isn’t easy and at Bravo the tutors are knowledgeable and patient and they have given my daughter the confidence she needed to succeed.
I highly recommend Eoghan and his team!

Shirley Y
Mother of student being tutored in French
Eoghan has been invaluable, for both our family and son. A mom at our son’s school highly recommended him as he really helped her boys build confidence and thrive in French Immersion. He really cares about connecting students with the right tutors, He’s a caring, generous, and thoughtful educator – checking in regularly, providing guidance and tips. Thanks so much, Bravo! Tutoring!
Lynn L
Mother of student getting tutored in grade 7 Math

Ara is just wonderful with our son. She is on time and always has strategies to keep him focused!

Ann D
Mother of student in grade 7 Extended French

Okba is extremely professional and has helped our son greatly to improve his French. Highly recommend!

Kristen M.-H
Mother of students in pre-school and grade 1

My children enjoy their sessions Meriem is energetic, fun, and very skilled. My children enjoy their sessions with her and are beginning to improve greatly. I am very happy with her work.

Joanne K
Mother of student in grade 5 Extended French

I hope we can continue seeing you in the fall! My son is 9 years old entering grade 5 extended French. I felt it was important to continue reading and writing in French over the summer holidays. My son adores Eoghan! He never once complained about seeing him (which he often did with previous tutors) Eoghan, was able to relate to him and bring his focus back when he would see him drift off. He was patient, punctual and extremely helpful. He guided me with books and websites to also help my son for September.

Sarah B
Mother of students in grade 5 and 6 French Immersion

I highly recommend Eoghan has been tutoring both my kids for the last two years. I can only say positive things about our experience with him. He is always punctual, has a calm demeanour and has a good way with the kids. I feel my kids have been able to lean on his expertise in French and help them (and me) in their education. He has worked with them in math, reading, writing, and French Literacy. I highly recommend Eoghan.

Julie C
Mother of students in grade 3 and 5 French Immersion

It has been worth the investment in both time and money My son started working with Eoghan for one hour each week at the beginning of grade 4 in French Immersion when it became clear that he was struggling a bit with reading and writing. By December we noticed a huge improvement in both his skill and confidence. Eoghan makes it fun and interesting in a way that a parent just can’t pull off! It has been worth the investment in both time and money – not only are we continuing this year, but little brother (grade 3) is getting in on the action too – Thanks Eoghan!

Jennifer B
Mother of student in grade 3 French Immersion

Our son’s teacher had shared some concerns about his reading and writing abilities. We had heard great reviews about Eoghan from another friend. After a short while working with Eoghan, our sons reading significantly improved! We were again called for a meeting by the teacher, this time just to acknowledge the great improvement and that he was no longer concerned about him being behind!

Shana T
Mother of students in grade 1 and grade 3 French Immersion

We are very happy with our choice to have Eoghan as our boys tutor. We have seen significant improvement with reading, writing and overall confidence in our oldest. Our oldest is now seen as the smart boy, and he likes that. He is able to read and write French on his own and is starting to translate those skills to English without any help. Eoghan works well with other supports to ensure learning needs are being met for the kids.

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