Tutor Spotlight: Mario

Mario tutors many subjects with Bravo! Tutoring including Science, Math and English


1. What is your educational background? What subjects can you tutor in?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University that I obtained in 2014. In terms of the subjects that I may tutor in, they include: Math (Grade 1-Grade 12), Science (Grade 1-Grade 10), Chemistry (Grade 11-Grade 12), Physics (Grade 11-12), and English (Grade 1-Grade 12).

2. What is your Favourite part of being a tutor with Bravo! Tutoring?

My favourite part about being a tutor with Bravo! Tutoring is having the opportunity to meet students from all sorts of backgrounds and interests and try to help them with any perceived shortcomings they may have. Meeting different students always provides a challenge in terms of tutoring style and speed and keeps me open to the needs of the students.

3. What is your favourite subject to tutor and why?

My favourite subject to tutor has always been Math because I feel that Math gets a bad reputation with many students. Some students just get math and some just don’t, which is completely natural. What is also natural is being frustrated with yourself for not understanding things other students get which causes the student to grow a resentment for the subject. I feel Math gets this much worse due to being mandatory for most of the student’s educational experience as well as the fact that teachers teach Math with a “One size fits all approach”. I love Math because it causes one to see the world and it’s intricacies in different ways. On that note, I like how the same answer can be approached in a multitude of ways and it’s up to the student to realize what process works best. I love watching students come up with their own unique way to solve problems that may not even make sense to me, but if it leads to the right answer every time and the student understands it, I consider it 100% valid.

4. What was your favourite tutoring experience?

My favourite tutoring experience has always been the same and it has always been in my favourite subject, Math. Whenever a student is struggling with Math and then you reveal something to them that connects everything together that clears the fog of the mind and now everything makes sense. It is at that point that the same thing always happens: “WOW! THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!”, “I GET IT NOW!”, “I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T SEE THIS BEFORE!”, as well as my personal favourite, ” THAT’S SO COOL!”. The moment when something finally clicks in a student’s mind and they just understand everything all of a sudden is my favourite tutoring moment as it gives the student, as well as myself, a thrill for the subject.

5. What do you enjoy doing outside of tutoring?

When you think of a Math tutor, there is probably an image that immediately comes to your mind. Apparently I do not fit that image as my students are constantly surprised when they first meet me. This is because what I enjoy most outside of tutoring is being as active as I possibly can. I enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, playing as well as watching hockey. I am an avid reader of non-fiction literature (History, economics, Science and biology). My career is as an engineer so it can be expected that I like to build and repair things around the house when I can. I also enjoy cooking and baking, which some of my students, as well as parents, have had the fortune of sampling.

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